“Andy worked with us at BMS throughout 2016.  He came in to help us centralise and restructure our management of Homecare Services across our business.  His excellent organisation, collaboration and leadership led to a dramatically improved way of working with our service providers and our governance of these services was revised to a much more enhanced level.  Andy was also a true member of our team while at BMS and added value above and beyond the scope of the work that we asked him to deliver.”

“With Andy’s expert knowledge to support us our supply chain rationalisation ran more smoothly than other major projects we have undertaken, exactly in accordance with the time line laid out and exceeded the scope of the initial objectives. He has our full thanks and recommendation”.

“In short, Andy Carr supported us in consolidating our traditional wholesale model into a reduced agency model.  Andy knows the UK pharmaceutical market inside out and his guidance through a complex process was invaluable.  At every stage of the process Andy’s knowledge, experience and analysis was vital in ensuring we could make the right decision.  Working with Andy has leveraged significant commercial advantage for our company.”

“We recently successfully completed a review of our Supply Chain arrangements with the help and support of Andy Carr. Andy has a substantial amount of knowledge around the process and practicalities of undertaking such a review and provided consistent ongoing flexibility to ensure timescales alongside our desired outcomes were ultimately achieved. I would like to thank Andy for his professionalism.”

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew Carr Associates to others. Andy was responsive to our needs and worked through a complicated portfolio to find a reduced wholesale solution for us which is already delivering benefits to the organisation. Andy was able to deliver the whole project for us, from the blue print, the tendering process, the benefits assessments, the commercial and contractual negotiation through to the implementation. He was also able to identify other related supply chain benefits all of which have had a positive effect on the efficiency of the company.”

I can thoroughly recommend Andy and the team to support a review of a supply chain and the development of a reduced wholesale model. Their professionalism, knowledge and expertise in developing and delivering a detailed plan from internal analysis, through the tender process and negotiations to final contacts plan is excellent. With a specialist portfolio the result has helped us improve our risk management, improve continuity of supply and created savings.”

“I would be very pleased to recommend the services of Andrew Carr Associates. During 2010 I worked directly with Andrew developing a strategy for, and then implementing a reduced wholesaler model. The knowledge and experience that Andrew brought to the situation was invaluable resulting in a streamlined and cost efficient model that exceeded all original targets. In addition Andrew was able to recommend additional opportunities that had not been part of the original specification for distribution services. I would thoroughly recommend Andrew Carr Associates for their professional service offering and would utilise Andrew’s services again without hesitation.”

“After successful project completion I can confirm the significant value added by Andrew Carr Associates. Not only were our cost saving expectations exceeded, the project was delivered in a professional and personable manner. Andy brings the expertise of a consultant whilst also fitting in with the team, a valuable mix when managing projects.”

“Andy led us through a reduced wholesaler model in the UK which not only simplified our wholesaler network but delivered increased profitability to the business. He successfully built relationships with people within the company to enable the successful delivery of the project on time and with better than envisaged savings. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Andrew Carr Associates Ltd to other companies” .

“Andy is the consummate professional. With regard to supply chain & distribution issues his experience & knowledge is second to none. I would have no hesitation in recommending him”.